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Why choose Aquaflush® rectal irrigation system?

  • Now people with rectal disease or conditions can easily empty their colon
  • Prevents stool build-up which can cause constipation
  • Lessens accidental leakage and incontinence
  • Gives you more control in managing your bowel movements
  • Reduces the time you spend with bowel care
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy to use

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Aquaflush® trans-anal irrigation makes bowel emptying easy

Do you (or your patient) have trouble emptying your bowel?

A solution is using an aquaflush rectal irrigation system that makes it easy to empty your bowel safely using rectal irrigation, also known as trans-anal irrigation.

Here’s How Bowel Irrigation Works

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Usually every other day, while sitting on the toilet, you insert a specially-shaped cone into your rectum, so the Aquaflush system can dispense lukewarm 96-degree (body temperature) water into your rectum.

The water pressure causes your rectal walls to swell which in turn makes you feel the need to defecate. Once you stop the water flow, then any stool and the water are emptied into the toilet. You may wish to repeat this a second time if you feel the need. The irrigation process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Rectal Irrigation is More Effective

Figure 3: After regular defecation, people with bowel disease or issues usually still have a large amount of faeces in their colon which can cause problems.

Figure 4: When rectal irrigation is used, you usually achieve a completely empty colon, sigmoid and rectum.


Which is best for you?

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“Aquaflush has been a huge success for me. For almost a year after my spinal cord injury, I spent hours on my bowel program every morning, just to have accidents almost every day. But since starting Aquaflush 3 months ago, I’ve only had one accident. Because I’ve been having fewer accidents, I’ve been having fewer UTIs, and I’ve become less dependent on disposable underwear. Aquaflush has drastically improved my quality of life – I’m no longer constantly worrying about accidents, I’m more confident to leave the house for longer periods of time, and because I can use Aquaflush on my own, I am now much more independent.”


Aquaflush User, Ohio

Aquaflush® Advantages

  • Super-smooth silicone cones make it easy and comfortable to insert into the rectum
  • Each cone comes with a water-based lubricant in a sachet
  • An elbow connector makes it easy to insert and remove the cone with touching it
  • The water tap valve is easy to open and close
  • Our water bag stand lets you keep the bag on the floor during use, and folds flat when you store it
  • The water bag has an easy-to-remove screw cap

Rectal Irrigation is Safe

Experience has proven that trans-anal irrigation is a safe way to empty your bowels. There’s only a low 1 in 50,000 chance of perforating your bowel according to published studies, which is lessened when patients learn how to perform rectal irrigation properly. A healthcare professional should evaluate you and be with you when you first perform trans-anal irrigation. Mild side effects might include chills, sweating, or abdominal cramps.