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Why choose the MTG Eagle® Catheter Board?

  • Now people with limited hand-dexterity may be able to self-catheterize
  • Makes one-hand catheterization possible
  • Works only with MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter
  • Adjustable to fit different sized men
  • Positionable “wings” hold board between legs
  • Reusable
  • Comes with travel bag

MTG EZ-Gripper® catheter + MTG Eagle® Board make it easy to cath anywhere

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MTG Eagle® Catheter Board Makes Self-Catheterization Easier

The MTG Eagle® Catheter Board is a unique, innovative product that makes it easier for anyone with poor hand dexterity to self-catheterize, such as quadriplegics (tetraplegics), amputees, people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or Parkinson’s Disease, and others who have difficulty holding their penis and advancing a urinary catheter. It works only with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter product lines.

Scroll down to the video to watch how Jeff, a quadriplegic, uses the board to self-catheterize.

This video shows self-catheterization by a man with cervical spinal cord injury between C-5 and C-6


Video: How To Self-Catheterize With MTG Eagle® Catheter Board

MTG Eagle® Board kit includes…

  • Eagle board
  • Penile sizing guide
  • Foam pads
  • Allen wrench
  • Carry bag
  • Instructions for use

“Before using the MTG Eagle Board and EZ-Gripper Catheters, cathing was a nightmare. I either had to have someone do it for me or I had drench my hands in hand sanitizer hoping I wouldn’t get a UTI.

With the Eagle Board and Gripper Catheters, cathing is quick, easy, and sanitary. I can do everything on my own. Now the hardest part of going to the bathroom is getting my pants back up. I’m more independent now thanks to the Eagle Board and Gripper Catheters.”

Jeffrey D Mazzamurro
Pharm.D, RPh

The Eagle® Board is designed for MTG EZ-Gripper® Catheter

The MTG Eagle® board is designed to work exclusively with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter product lines. It was created to enable self-catheterization, even for those with low hand dexterity.

Our patented gripper handle applies pressure to move the catheter tube. Simply by moving the handle back and forth, the catheter tube can be advanced. Our patented EZ-Advancer® valve prevents the tube from retracting during insertion.

MTG Eagle® Board Features

  • One-hand catheterization is possible
  • Positionable “wings”
  • Adjustable pants hook
  • Carry bag
  • Washable and reusable
  • Thumb holes for easy accessibility
  • Penile Sizing Guide with lever pads for precise fit
  • Fits comfortably between legs, holding penis and catheter stable
  • Designed to work exclusively with the MTG EZ-Gripper® or MTG EZ-Advancer® catheter product lines.
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