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About MTG – Medical Technologies Of Georgia

Medical Technologies of Georgia, Inc. (MTG) began operations in 1997 primarily as a supplier of urological catheters in Europe. MTG is a family-owned business and most of the principals formerly owned and operated MMG Healthcare. MMG was the pioneer in developing the first successfully marketed, closed system catheter proven to reduce the risk of recurrence of urinary tract infections for people who use intermittent catheterization.  

In 2008, MTG reintroduced a line of greatly improved, closed system catheters. The most widely heard complaint in the MMG days concerned dexterity. If the user didn’t have great hand functionality, they weren’t good candidates for closed system catheters. At MTG, we overcame these objections and developed product improvements to address this issue. Along with our new products for paraplegics, we introduced unique catheters for tetraplegics, women, and children in packaging options designed to complement modern lifestyles. 

Innovation is our buzzword at MTG. We continue to develop new technologies and concepts for urinary retention solutions. As founder of both MMG and MTG, over the years I have attempted to listen to all of your concerns and comments. I’ve tried to incorporate your ideas into our products and I continue to do so. You’re always welcome to contact me directly with any thoughts or suggestions and I will do my best to respond to them. Thank you for your support both past and present.



John H. Golden